Signature gives you the power to design your sofa, chair and ottoman with contrasting leathers. Choose one of our Signature frames, select your Whittemore-Sherrill main leather, add a contrasting leather and specify the areas for each. 

How The Program Works

Step One:

Select any Signature frame.

Step Two:

Select any Whittemore leather as your main leather.

Step Three:

Select and Signature specialty leather to be used as a contrasting accent.

Step Four:

Select areas to apply Signature Leather.

Reference these sketches to correctly identify the Signature areas.

  1. Arm Panel
  2. Seat
  3. Seat Border
  4. Inside Tight Back
  5. Top Inside Border
  1. Top Arm
  2. Inside Wing
  3. Outside Arm
  4. Outside Wing
  5. Outside Back