Artisan Leather

After many years of daily use in the library, club, or a quality home’s shared family spaces, leather takes on what we call a “lived-in” appearance.  Add to that, years of dusting and wiping clean, and the surface starts to show the wear and care of time. Quality leather upholstery with years of wear and care bespeaks those who came before us and spent their time amongst us. Whether a hand- tufted Chesterfield sofa or an old Morris chair the aged character they reveal has the resonance of a time past and quality that was built to last.

How We Do It

Whittemore-Sherrill Artisan Leathers beautifully evoke this time worn quality, unique to every individual piece, like the originals. To pure aniline leather crusts, already fully and carefully upholstered to the piece, a base color is created with multiple applications of waxes and oils, hand-worked by the leather Artisan. After drying, this craftsman then carefully builds-up the finish with an expert’s eye, and touch, to achieve an aged patina in just the right places to reflect the aged qualities only time, wear, and frequent care could have accomplished naturally.

Every individual piece upholstered with Artisan Leather finishing methods is first beautifully built to the highest standards of quality. The leather is then hand-colored and aged to bespeak the loving touch of time, providing a quality antique appearance to a beautiful new piece of quality leather furniture. Every chair, sofa, or bench has its very own unique identity only these hand-crafted methods can provide, reflecting the presence of a time honored past.