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The Whittemore-Sherrill leather portfolio offers a wide array of styles, grades, durability, and colors. Each is handcrafted by a team of skilled technicians who have spent years perfecting their trade.

What is R-Factor ▼

R1 – Minimal Resistance = Luxurious, designed for fashion and style. Includes such types as Nubuck and Suede. No protection, Typically textural, Aniline dyed. Dye lot will vary. Will scratch.

R2 – Natural Resistance = The most elegant of leathers, typically pure or “naked”. These will gain a patina over time. Minimal protection. These articles embrace the natural beauty and markings of the hide. Dye lot will vary. Will scratch.

R3 – Standard Resistance = Impervious to most spills and stains, easy to clean. Best for residential serviceability requirements. Dye lot will be more consistent. Semi-Aniline. Will not scratch due to the protective top coat.

R4 – Maximum Resistance = Impervious to spills and stains, very easily cleaned. Best for heavy-duty or commercial requirements. Protected. Dye lot will be most consistent. Will not scratch.

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Panhandle P955 Gunmetal

Panhandle P953 Ocean

Panhandle P952 Aqua

Panhandle P950 Black

Panhandle P927 Dove

Panhandle P926 Basil

Panhandle P924 ECRU

Panhandle P922 Taupe

Panhandle P921 Tobac